" Listen to all the teachers in the woods. Watch the trees, the animals and all living things--you'll learn more from them than from books". Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

Monday, August 15, 2022


Turning Points LLC, an innovative approach to support Corporate Leaders in their growth

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Seminars

Through inspiring and customized journeys, we help leaders and teams to link their personal growth to the success of their organization and life. Our customizable programs incorporate the most modern professional development and business performance models to train, motivate and maximize the business management skills of organizational managers and C-level executives. Our consulting processes are designed to increase the effectiveness of your management team thereby providing them with the opportunity to grow as individuals and enhance their leadership skills in order to meet and/or exceed company goals and objectives.


Seminars  can be conducted at your company facility or at an offsite location negotiated by your organization. Coaching sessions are conducted outside your company facility, in a place that guaranties confidentiality.


Our Innovative Consulting Approach Can Transform Your Business and Strengthen your Company Vision

Turning Points believes in fostering solid working relationships with other businesses and partnering with other organizations and/or entities for the mutual benefit of all involved. Turning points is committed to making a difference not only in the world of business, but also in the world itself for the good of its people. it is evident for us that Navajo Native American  wisdom and insight offer enormous value in addressing the complex issues that Leaders face in our modern world and it is the reason why we have chosen to partner with them. At the core of our company's existence is also the intent to help Navajo people enjoy a greater sense of community stability and economic opportunity. For this reason we have developed our customized Vision Quest Journey and Leadership Retreats. Our programs offer business people the opportunity to reach higher levels of awareness by attending self-help seminars in the Navajo Community in Arizona for the greater reward of both groups.

"From your Dream to an implemented Vision" :

Lyon, France March 13-14 2020

Fallbrook California February 20-21 2020

 Leadership Retreat :

Canyon De Chelly AZ  USA  On demand        

Edith's  book "A Journey in the Canyon de Chelly", is here! Check out these amazing photographs set to create the story of discovery!

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