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Monday, August 15, 2022


Leadership Development

Leadership development“A chief must not seek profit for himself”

- Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne


 Effective leaders have specific skills and subscribe to specific strategies that determine their success in developing relationships with follower:

  • Being centered, genuine, authentic and real and taking the full responsibility of who and what you are.
  • Being able to communicate effectively, which includes the ability to not only speak, but also to listen to others as they speak in their own words and to understand what is being conveyed
  • Being empathetic  toward your work force; the skill of choice when they want to grow, learn or develop.
  • Being able to maintain an unconditional positive regard;  the ability to keep a full functioning relationship with others even when you are feeling a threat towards your integrity. 

We partner with our client companies in order to provide them with a range of customized Leadership Development and talent  management Programs. Through this partnership approach we work together to develop a smooth-flowing leadership pipeline that will increase the leadership benchmark strength of client organizations. The result provide outstanding outcomes designed to ensure a balanced leadership culture within the client organization that focuses not only on results, but also on people.

Our Leadership development programs provide senior leaders, leaders in development and emerging leaders with opportunities to learn, grow and change. Our processes also facilitate the long-turn development of individuals and fine-tuning of the skills to function effectively within the organization.

We customize our programs to the needs of the client organization.

Our work is supported by partnerships in the USA and Europe with teams of Senior Consultants.

Our consultants are also certified in different development assessment tools from the following organizations: MRG, TMSDI, Tucker International, and Hogan.

For information, please call: Edith Samouillet +303 317 3265


I now Edith Samouillet since late 1990. At that time I was the President of Bohringer Mannheim in France having difficult times after years of commercial success to set-up an integration plan following the acquisition by Roche Pharmaceuticals. During this difficult period, Edith Samouillet supported me in my leadership role through to the end of my mission. Her listening capabilities, analytical skills and her professional experience helped me a lot to transition to new professional endeavors at that time. Later on, in 2003, during my tenure as President of Pharmacia in France, I called her again. At that time, Pharmacia with its 1000+ employees was facing an aggressive take-over from Pfizer. Under these difficult circumstances I had to motivate my direct reports and supported them in managing the switch from one culture to the other and more painfully to decide on redundancies.
In this challenging group dynamics Edith Samouillet was highly appreciated by my colleagues and contributed remarkably to maintain their momentum and engagement.                               

In 2006, in my position as President of Alexion Pharma International Sarl I had to build an organization from scratch, recruiting people from different companies which generated many challenges of cultural integration: diverse company of origins, different expertise, and various personalities with different attitudes, different languages and capacity of communication with the US Headquarters. Thanks to her skills and professional portfolio, Edith Samouillet was able to support me and my direct reports to move quickly forward and to assume the inevitable difficulties in raising the organization to the next level. During the exercise which is still ongoing, we all have made great progress in having a clear understanding of the situation, improved our capacity to assume our differences and facilitate the emergence of a common culture and behaviors. Since Edith Samouillet has created her own company in the US, I am convinced that she will bring a lot of value to her future customers willing to embrace the complexity of modern management with global reach and high performance.

Profil                                                                                     Edith is a trustworthy and senior consultant. She has high integrity, strong sense of professionalism, and has always been a valued business partner to myself and my management team. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and enjoys taking on new challenges. Her deep knowledge about diverse and cross cultural audiences brought valuable insight to our leadership development. We have worked with Edith for a number of years and always found her to be extremely client-focused with the goal to deliver top class services and total client satisfaction.I can only recommend hiring Edith Samouillet and Turning Points LLC. Edith runs her organization with passion, energy and professionalism, always striving to exceed each of her client's expectations. Turning Points and Edith are genuinely committed to the product they deliver - community building, and organizational growth and development.

Added Value                                                                            Edith's work was instrumental in the development of our strong leadership team. Her depth and breadth about cross functional and diverse management capabilities has helped us to accelerate the development of our teams and solidifying the tight collaboration with our counterparts across the globe. Her seminars enabled all participating managers to take a distance to their day-to-day routine enabling them to enhance and elevate management behaviors and leadership skills.
Patrice Coissac. July 20 2012

President Alexion Pharma International

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