" Listen to all the teachers in the woods. Watch the trees, the animals and all living things--you'll learn more from them than from books". Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

Monday, August 15, 2022


“The Empowerment of Giving and Receiving”



Our organization subscribes to the ideology that Leaders must possess three main qualities in order to lead successfully.


Courage: the perseverance to follow their vision and stay on track no matter what the circumstances

Humility: the awareness that there is no success without others

Generosity: The ability to give


Organizational crises and upheavals in our personal lives are often imbedded in turmoil within ourselves. At Turning points, we believe that simple acts of giving and receiving can provide a sense of freedom and are great sources of happiness and success, both in a business sense and on a personal level.


Why partnering with Navajo people?


Navajo spirituality  is based on the respect of Nature and all living beings, which are a manifestation of the Great Spirit. The Navajo call themselves Dinhe, "The People". The phrase that best explains the Navajo way of life is "Walk in Beauty". On an individual level, the goal of a traditional Navajo is to live in Hozho, live in Harmony or to "Walk in Beauty". There are two forces in the Navajo Universe, Hozho the female, which in English translates to "Harmony, and Naayee the male corresponding force of war, brutality and aggressiveness. Hozho is an inner state, the co-existence of polarities, the balance of spirit-mind-body that dominates when all is in order (the order of the world, beauty, sensitivity and calm).

In Navajo spirituality  the day cannot exist without the night, the shade exists only by the light. The identity of these people can be more clearly understood by the following words from one of their ceremonies:


In the house made of dawn,

In the house made of evening twilight,

In the house made of dark cloud and rain

In beauty I walk.


With beauty before and behind me,

With beauty below and above,

With beauty all around me, I walk.


Because of an opportunity I enjoyed to live close to the Navajo, I discovered the marvellous site of the Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. The experience enables me to rediscover things which I had forgotten: the harmony, the direction and the taste of the simple things, the beauty of a landscape, of a face, the music which rises in echo on the walls of the Canyon, warmth and hospitality, a deep spirituality.


I have the vision that Navajo people still know many things that we have forgotten in our world. From a business perspective, and in the individual and personal journey of many people, their teachings could be of a great value to  help us restore our inner-balance and build a better world for ourselves and future generations.


Navajo Native Americans also have a great knowledge about what a community means and know how to share resources and show a great respect of their environment and other alive beings.


If you are a seeker of wisdom, harmony, and inner-peace, with a desire to live and enjoy life at higher level of consciousness, Arizona's Canyon de Chelly awaits you. I invite you to increase your knowledge and live the experience of a lifetime through our unique Vision Quest Journey. There is no time like the present time to transform your organization and your life and make a difference in the world.



President and founder

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